Boat Docks

  • Activities and Storage: No boisterous actions permitted after 10:00 p.m. No cleaning of fish on the dock. No bait or fishing equipment is to be left on the dock unattended.
  • No gas cans on docks. All equipment and life jackets are to be stored in the lockers. Slips are designed for boat storage-no lawn furniture, patios, etc. can be added to this area.
  • Water Toy Storage: Dock fingers and walkways must be cleared of all obstacles at all times; including all water toys (i.e. paddle boards, canoes, rafts, kayaks, long boards, tubes, floats, water mats, etc.). These items must be stored in the owner’s storage chest, hung over the owner’s storage chest, hung within the owner’s slip or stored on the owner’s boat. All hanging items must be attached to the shore side dock finger of the slip above the owner’s storage chest. Any items hung above the owner’s storage chest must not protrude into the walkway father than the depth of the storage chest. Drilling into the dock supports is NOT allowed for any hanging items, handles, hooks, etc.
  • Boat and PWC Lifts: All boat and personal watercraft lifts must be approved by the Board of Directors and must be self-supporting types. The control box must be standard and placed by the electrical outlet for slip.
  • Dock Lockers: Dock lockers are provided with purchase of slip, no other style or brand shall be permitted. Only one dock locker is allowed per slip.
  • Awning/Shades/Boat Covers: Awnings, shades and drop-down boat covers are prohibited from use on docks due to weight and wind issues.
  • Shore Power: If utilizing a shore power cord from your boat, a shore power outlet with a 30-amp breaker must be in place. If not in place, the slip lessee is responsible for hiring a certified electrician for installation after Board approval is received. Shore power cords MUST NOT be plugged in 110 outlets via an adapter. A disconnect breaker panel must also be installed at the time the shore power outlet is installed, in accordance with Ameren-MO guidelines.

A violation of the Rules & Regulations as stated above may result in a fine of $100 to $1,000 per instance or per time-period (daily, weekly, monthly) based on Board review. If after notification, the owner fails to correct the violation, the Association will correct the problem and assess the owner for any and all cost incurred. Disputes regarding a fine must be addressed by petitioning the Board during a regularly scheduled meeting. 


Location: Cape Royale Complex